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Dr. Mohan Chawla - Experienced Dentist in Maidenhead

Dr. Mohan Chawla

Cosmetic Dentist

Invisible Braces in Maidenhead & High Wycombe

At Optima Dental Care we offer 2 types of braces – 6 Month Smiles and rx aligners both of which gradually reposition your teeth giving you a smile to be proud of. Our team of dentists in High Wycombe are able to offer you with a range of treatment solutions if you are want to correct crowding of you teeth or as part of a smile makeover treatment plan.

Whilst you may not have considered it a realistic or affordable proposition to wear a brace our choice of short term orthodontic options will help you achieve the perfect smile in less time than you thought. You have the option to spread the cost with our interest free credit plan.

RX aligners

RX aligners are unlike metal braces-they are clear, removable, comfortable and convenient. This type of brace is often described as clear braces, clear aligners, clear tooth straighteners or invisible braces. Most people won’t notice you’re in treatment and it won’t disrupt your lifestyle. No metal wires or bands to irritate your mouth, and best of all, most people won’t notice you’re in treatment.

The number of aligners you need is specific to you so it presents very affordable option especially for mild cases. As a leading clear brace manufacturer, RX aligners use the latest digital scanning technology and finish each RX aligner by hand – custom made for you. RX aligners clear braces fit with your lifestyle, and only you will know that you are wearing them.

6 Month Smiles

This revolutionary short term orthodontic treatment is perfect for you if you don’t like the prospect of wearing braces or aligners every day for around 2 – 3 years.

Six-Month Smiles is used to treat of a wide range of common orthodontic complaints such as:

  • Crowding or crooked teeth because they are bunched close together
  • Spacing or gaps between teeth
  • Deep overbite where the front teeth overlap too much so you may not see the lower teeth at all when you bite
  • Increased overjet where the upper front teeth stick out
  • Underbite where the lower teeth stick out
  • Crossbite where the some of the upper and lower teeth bite on the wrong side of each other
  • Openbite where some of your teeth do not meet when you bite and it may affect the appearance and chewing
  • Misplaced midline – centre lines of upper and lower teeth out of normal alignment

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At Optima Dental Care, our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring you receive the best in dental treatments. With a passion for dentistry and a commitment to continuing education, our team brings you the latest in dental care services.

Dr. Mohan Chawla

BDS, MFGDP(UK), MFDS RCS(Eng), MJDF RCS(Eng), Dip Imp Dent RCS(Eng), PGCMDE, MSc (Implant Dentistry)

Dr. Mohan Chawla is dedicated to providing his patients with the most beautiful smile together with the best dental protection available. He has a particular interest in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, such as veneers, dental implants, crowns, and bridges, and is one of the most credentialed dentists in the south of England.

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Dr. Ligi


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“So confident am I in Dr Chawla’s ability that I have followed him through practice changes to stay with him and would thoroughly recommend him.”
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“Dr Chawla showed an understanding and passion in his work, the treatment was painless and the best thing I have EVER done. love my smile.”
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“Dr. Chawla is an amazing man and doctor. He has been my doctor for over 25 years. He cares about his patients and ensures excellence.”
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