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Lisa Staines is our dental hygienist at both of our clinics in High Wycombe and Maidenhead. Lisa’s patients appreciate her caring and considerate manner and her communication skills. She has had specific training to work with the dentists to give you care tailored to your needs, to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Lisa has vast experience treating patients carrying out professional cleaning of the teeth known as scaling and polishing, and showing you the best way to keep your teeth free of plaque. She will also give you advice on diet and preventing tooth decay.

Plaque is a sticky coating that forms constantly on the teeth and needs to be removed properly every day. If it is not removed properly it builds up a lot and will quickly harden to form tartar. This will not come off with brushing and needs to be removed professionally with scaling instruments.
Commonly caused by tea and coffee, some foods, red wine and smoking. Polishing is carried out with a small powered brush and a polishing paste that will remove surface stains from your teeth.

You are able to see Lisa for treatment even when a dentist is not there, or make an appointment to see her directly without first seeing a dentist.

Regular professional cleaning, not smoking and looking after your teeth well at home, will help you keep your mouth healthy. A clean and healthy mouth will improve your appearance, stop bad breath and help you keep your teeth for life.

Experience shows that careful removal of the tartar and showing you how to help prevent it from building up again, will go a long way towards slowing the progress of gum disease. Helping identify where changes to your diet can be made, and recommending other preventative measures like fluoride can help you keep a routine that will help stop tooth decay. Sometimes it is advisable to have fluoride directly applied to the teeth to help prevent decay. Regular visits and advice help you maintain a good routine and build your confidence.

Lisa will show you the best methods of brushing and flossing. She may show you how to use floss specially designed to clean under bridges, implants or wire retainers sometimes used after treatment with braces. Where there are gaps between the teeth she will show you how to clean with interdental brushes. She may also talk to you about the risks of smoking and advise on various ways of giving up. Research shows that smokers lose more teeth from gum disease than non smokers.

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